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electric area storage heating


Akumulačné deska Zefyr®  

Area storage heating Zefyr® is suitable for all types of buildings. It is specified for heating of all residential rooms including bathrooms. It is also suitable for office and industrial properties and other area in zone 3. Products Zefyr® are certified and have been tested in accordance with standards ČSN EN covered by IP 21.

Standard colour design is colour 9001 RAL. Different colour design can be supplied as per customer’s requirements.

Saving is one of the key features of our products. Savings start already while mounting of heating system of which acquisition cost is significantly lower in comparison to other methods of heating. Another saving can be encountered by possible subscription to favourable electricity tariff D45, not inconsiderable saving rises also from using other electrical appliances in household in so called lower tariff which is assigned to users of electrical heating.

One of the characteristic qualities of our products is effective utilization of energy – principal of every electrical radiator is a fireclay storage desk, which has very high storage ability. Heating continues working thanks to great storage abilities of fireclay even though thermal sensor automatically discontinues supply of electricity when desired room temperature is achieved.

Another advantage of our products is fast and easy assembly. Part of every product is mounting kit for wall hanging or possibly can be used mobile or stable feet.

Area storage heating can be easily and comfortably controlled by space thermostats. It doesn’t need almost any control.

Features of health advantages should also not be left out – the products don’t sublime or whirl dust and during their operation oxygen is not burnt which is dangerous and deleterious. For these reasons are products Zefyr® also suitable for people with allergies.

10 advantages

  1. comfort and convenience
  2. service-free operation
  3. environment-friendly
  4. effective usage of energy without losses
  5. fast and easy assembly
  1. complete and simple regulation
  2. does not whirl dust
  3. without dangerous burning of oxygen
  4. elegant design
  5. long lifetime

Available languages: Česky , English , По-русски